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#ifndef __SCHRO_ASYNC_H__
#define __SCHRO_ASYNC_H__

#include <schroedinger/schroutils.h>
#include <schroedinger/schrodomain.h>


typedef int SchroExecDomain;

typedef struct _SchroAsync SchroAsync;
typedef struct _SchroThread SchroThread;
typedef struct _SchroAsyncTask SchroAsyncTask;
typedef struct _SchroAsyncStage SchroAsyncStage;
typedef struct _SchroMutex SchroMutex;


typedef int (*SchroAsyncScheduleFunc)(void *, SchroExecDomain exec_domain);
typedef void (*SchroAsyncCompleteFunc)(void *);
typedef void (*SchroAsyncTaskFunc) (void *);

struct _SchroAsyncTask {
  SchroAsyncTaskFunc task_func;
  void *priv;

struct _SchroAsyncStage {
  SchroAsyncTaskFunc task_func;
  void *priv;

  schro_bool is_ready;
  schro_bool is_needed; /* FIXME remove eventually */
  schro_bool is_done;
  int priority;
  int n_tasks_started;
  int n_tasks_completed;

  int n_tasks;
  SchroAsyncTaskFunc tasks[10];

void schro_async_init (void);
SchroAsync * schro_async_new(int n_threads,
    SchroAsyncScheduleFunc schedule,
    SchroAsyncCompleteFunc complete,
    void *closure);
void schro_async_free (SchroAsync *async);

 * schro_async_stop:
 * wait for all worker threads belonging to @async to finish their
 * current task.  no further tasks will be executed until
 * schro_async_start is called
void schro_async_stop (SchroAsync *async);

 * schro_async_sart:
 * Resume execution of scheduler for @async after schro_async_stop
 * has been called.
void schro_async_start (SchroAsync *async);

void schro_async_run_stage_locked (SchroAsync *async, SchroAsyncStage *stage);
int schro_async_wait_locked (SchroAsync *async);
void schro_async_signal_scheduler (SchroAsync *async);
void schro_async_lock (SchroAsync *async);
void schro_async_unlock (SchroAsync *async);
SchroExecDomain schro_async_get_exec_domain (void);

void schro_async_add_exec_domain (SchroAsync *async,
    SchroExecDomain exec_domain);

SchroMutex *schro_mutex_new (void);
#if 0
SchroMutex *schro_mutex_new_recursive (void);
void schro_mutex_lock (SchroMutex *mutex);
void schro_mutex_unlock (SchroMutex *mutex);
void schro_mutex_free (SchroMutex *mutex);




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